Learn how we help private equity investors find targeted investment opportunities, entrepreneurs and partners efficiently.


Solutions for private equity Investors

Find innovative ideas to invest in
As an independent investor, locating promising business ideas you understand can be challenging. We deliver to your email, business proposals matched to your investment criteria and resources for your careful consideration.
Share risk of new ventures
Every opportunity is a risk. Share the risk and reward of new ventures with passionate entrepreneurs and experienced business managers.
Network and collaborate with new business partners
Expand your investing network and partners. Find new partners to collaborate with. Learn from experiences of professionals outside of your professional circle.
You are in control of your schedule
Participate as much or as little as your schedule allow. No sales calls, no pressure. Participate in investor meetings and process for ideas that truly resonate with you.
Provide helpful mentoring and feedback
Every business plan can be made even better. Work collaboratively with entrepreneurs and other investors to improve the business plans for ideas you care about.
Affordable, pay only for what you need and use
For the cost of a Starbucks caffè latte, you can participate in an hour long investor meeting with motivated investors serious about exploring the same opportunity you care about.